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Topsy's baby snuggle crochet

Hello everyone,

First of all a huge thanks to all that follow, comment, like and share this blog. Thanks to you all, yesterday we reached our first milestone at 1000 views and I believe we can reach 10 000 in no time.

Today I will present you with my latest work, Topsy the elephant amigurumi in a baby snuggle blanket.

For those who don’t know, Topsy was a female Elephant smuggled into the United States in 1867 to serve in Forepaugh Circus. As many animals back then, Topsy was abused and mistreated, being fed lit cigars and struck with pitchforks at least until the day she simply lost it and killed three people. I really can’t say I blame Topsy for what happened, because I would, probably, do the same in the same situation. Unfortunately back then animal abuse was acceptable and Totsy was sentenced to death.

About the same time Thomas Edison was conducting experiments to prove that his direct current (DC) was less dangerous than Nikola Tesla alternating current (AC). He did this by electrocuting animals to death with AC and Totsy would be his biggest presentation in history. A dark day for mankind and our disrespect for nature and life and I hope it serves as a lesson to what we shall never do again.

So, today I pay my homage to Topsy, and may she trample the ones that want to harm the child that owns this blanket. Topsy, you shall not be forgotten, I just hope you can find to forgive humanity and its crimes.

Blanket Pattern


  1. DROPS Muskat color 18 (white) 
  2. Bahia color: 17 (sky blue) 
  3. DROPS Muskat color: 03 (mint green) 
  4. DROPS Muskat color: 02 (light blue) 
  5. DROPS Safran color: 36 (denim blue) 

Other materials:
  • Crochet hook 4mm 
  • Scissor 


I followed the next youtube video for a granny square blanket. 

From the center, the blanket have the following yarns:

  • yarn nr. 1 (3 rounds) 
  • yarn nr. 2 (1 round) 
  • yarn nr. 3 (2 rounds) 
  • yarn nr. 2 (1 round) 
  • yarn nr. 4 (2 rounds) 
  • yarn nr. 2 (1 round) 
  • yarn nr. 5 (2 rounds) 
  • yarn nr. 2 (1 round) 
  • yarn nr. 1 (1 round) 
  • yarn nr. 3 (1 round) 
  • yarn nr. 4 (1 round) 
  • yarn nr. 5 (1 round) 

I make a final round of 2 chains, 1 double crochet (repeat around) with yarn nr. 2

Amigurumi Elephant

  1. Bahia color: 17 (sky blue) 
  2. DROPS Muskat color: 02 (light blue) 
  3. DROPS Bomull-lin color: 02 (off white) 
  4. Joaninha nº6 color: 6 (black) 
Other materials:

  • Crochet hook 3mm for nr. 1 and 4 yarns and 4mm for others 
  • Scissor 
  • Yarn needle 
  • Stuffing material 


Follow the pattern from this site:
You can download it.

For the snuggle blanket, I just made the head, 2 ears, 2 tusks and 2 eyes. Take a special attention that, in the instructions, where it's written "double crochet" or "dc" should read "single crochet" and "sc".

Great stitches ;)

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