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Oval basket in hardened crochet

Hello everyone,
Let's talk about some crochet stitches!

In my first crochet project I did a basket of hardened crochet.


  1. Drops Bomull-lin color: 02 off white 
  2. Drops Bomull-lin color: 03 light beige 
  3. Rosários 4 Bambolin color: 05 

Other materials:

  • Crochet hook 4mm 
  • Scissor 
  • Brown ribbon of 0.5 cm width.

Bottom pattern:


For each yarn I did two rounds of double crochet (dc).

Side pattern:

  • At the end of the last bottom round with 3rd yarn, I continued with it to make dc yarn over just in one loop of each stitch to make this new round perpendicular to the bottom. In the next video you have an example of a similar basket but with single crochet (sc).

  • To put the brown ribbon (after harden crochet) I did one round of dc, slip stitch (sl st), dc and sl st and so on. 
  • The final round was sc in all dc and sl st loops.

Hardened crochet


  • tablespoon 
  • white glue 
  • water 
  • alcohol 
  • oval tupperware (mold) 
  • adherent film 
  • bowl 

  1. Coat the tupperware with adherent film. 
  2. Mix in a bowl 3 tablespoons of white glue with 1 tablespoon of alcohol. Mix well and put 3 tablespoon of water and mix again. For this basket i used the double. 
  3. Dip the crochet into the mixture, drain and coat the crochet outside the mold. 
  4. Let dry until the next day and unmolding.

I thought it looks cute in my bathroom with some shampoos and creams but you can also use it with fruit or bread, for example.

Hope you enjoy it

Great stitches ;)

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